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What are the requirements for a student visa?


Before applying for a Student Visa, you must first be accepted for full time study in a registered course offered at one of Australia's schools, technical colleges or universities. Most educational institutions have their own website, allowing you to apply online.


A Student Visa provides you with temporary resident status and is valid for the entire duration of your course. After completion of your studies, you will be required to leave Australia by the date specified in your visa, unless you are making an application for another temporary or permanent residency visa.


To be granted a Student Visa you will assessed against a number of factors which vary according to your Country of Passport and Visa Subclass.


This is known as your Assessment Level. The Assessment levels range between 1 and 5. The higher your Assessment Level, the greater the degree of evidence required.


Assessment Criteria


Your Student Visa Application will be assessed on:


Assessment Criteria

Your capacity to cover the cost of airfares to Australia, tuition, accommodation, and other general expenses

Your capacity to support any accompanying dependent family member for the duration of your stay

Your level of English language proficiency. If English is not your first language you may need to undertake the IELTS English test

Your situation in your home country, i.e. personal, financial, employment and other commitments which might prompt you to return home or other circumstances, e.g. military service commitments

Your academic record and history, in the context of the course you intend to study

Your immigration history e.g. previous compliance with immigration laws, whether you have any outstanding debts to the Commonwealth of Australia, and whether you have previously applied for entry into Australia

Your proposed course of study and whether it is a reasonable choice, given your circumstances

Whether your proposed course of study is consistent with, and appropriate to your current level of education


 Additionally, there are some general requirements which are applicable to all student visa applicants.


General Requirements:

Your ability to satisfy the health requirement. Any dependent family members included in the visa application are also required to meet the health requirement. You may be directed to undergo a health examination and chest x-ray and forward your results to DIAC, before the processing of your student visa application is completed

Your ability to satisfy the character requirement. You must be of "good character" to enter Australia and will be required to provide a declaration in the application form

Your responsibility to have private health insurance throughout your stay in Australia. It is compulsory to obtain Overseas Student Health Cover (OSHC) before submitting your visa application. Any accompanying dependent family members must also be covered by this insurance