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International Student Transport Concession Victoria


The Victorian government will introduce discounted public transport for international students from 2015.

But the new system may disappoint some students because the discounts will be available only on annual, full-fare Myki passes.

Final details of the three-year trial will be available next year. Students will be able to use the tickets on trains, trams and buses.

The government has confirmed the scheme will be available to students whose institutes have opted in to the program. Education providers will have to contribute to the cost of the tickets.

The scheme will apply to metropolitan zones one and two and regional areas.

The government said its scheme differed from a similar one in NSW, which was not available in all zones.

Rita Chiu a spokesperson from International Students Australia said students in Victoria have for a long time been disappointed and frustrated with the lack of a transport concession similar to what is available in NSW.

She said the concession on offer did not overcome this greviance because it was unusual for international students to buy annual tickets for public transport. “I don’t think students will be willing to commit that huge amount of money for a full-year ticket,” she said.